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Grace Episcopal Church
Mansfield, Ohio
We have partnered with The Seckel Group Architects on many projects over the years.  This is one of several projects where Green Valley Design was enlisted to create some computer renderings of the Seckel Group's designs.
Residential Renderings
When a local contractor decided to start a new custom home building company they needed to showcase some of their model homes.  Green Valley Design was able to help by using the contractor's plans to create 3D renderings of several of their past projects.  Shown here is a small sampling of the the homes that were modeled.
Renaissance Theatre
Mansfield, Ohio
The Renaissance Theatre has been a staple in downtown Mansfield since its construction in 1927.  It underwent major restoration in 1985 and then in 2008 they decided to update the theatre while maintaining the historic integrity of the building.  In 2008 The Seckel Group (Dan Seckel was also the Architect for the 1985 restoration) designed an addition for the Renaissance Theatre to house their offices and adding a modern lobby and facilities o the historic building.  Green Valley Design was brought on board to do some renderings to help Theatre Members and potential investors envision the finished project.
Galion Synergy Center
Galion, Ohio
Only in the preliminary planning stages, the Galion Synergy Center will be a connector between the existing Galion Middle School and High School.  The Center will include spaces for the school and for the local community to ultilize.

Plan & Elevation Rendering

Sometimes a full 3D model is just not needed.  In certain instances we will simply take our CAD floor plans, site plans and/or elevations and add color and shading to them to give the illusion of a 3D rendering.  We have used this method in several ways over the years.  Sometimes it just helps a client in choosing materials and colors of finishes.  Sometimes a quick rendering needs to be done for a meeting or for some type of display.  This method of rendering is a quick and easy alternative to a full 3D rendering.